Support solar power, bees and butterflies all at once


Ken Korczak:

We’ve lost nearly a billion monarch butterflies since 1990 and colony collapse disorder continues to devastate our bee populations.

If these critical pollinators dwindle further, all of us could be in very big trouble. Bees and butterflies pollinate the foods we eat.

Now two Minnesota insect experts have a plan to combine solar power with the creation of bee and butterfly habitat — it’s a terrific idea, and you can help. Read more about it here:


It may be the ultimate Minnesota Mysterty: The Wendigo



Right here in my remote corner of northwest Minnesota there is a history of encounters with one of the strangest creatures ever described — the Wendigo. But what is it? Legend has it that this bizarre monster-apparition has a hunger for human flesh — but other say it only shows up when human beings fall into the reprehensible practice of cannibalism.

But before you write the Wendigo off as just another Bigfoot-like cryptid, there is one aspect of this entity that is quite unlike no other — and be warned — this will amaze you and definitely challenge your mind.

To read all about it, please click the link below to go to my story:


I Astral Travel to the Year 89,771 B.C.

stonag_lascauxhors.lgKEN KORCZAK:
I was recently working as a ghoswriter on a large manuscript about reincarnation for a client, and this entails am extensive amount of research on the subject, even though I knew, or thought I knew, a lot about it before. Anyway, this prompted me to conduct some of my own experiments in exploring past lives, and I post the results here on my Unexplained-Mysteries site:
Reincarnation Time Travel